It’s been a while since I’ve painted… well, anything to be honest. Almost a year truth be told.

In that year I have almost exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Show. I didn’t quite make it in 2018 however I was lucky to get a piece in the Linden Hall Studio Winter Show 18/19. And luckier still to have my work sell on the night of the opening private view.

In 2018 I was also made redundant. Which is not as dire as it sounds. After 28 years in the same day job I was long overdue for a change. A drastically life altering change admittedly. But still somewhat welcome.

So my free time, despite having good intentions to spend every waking moment in the studio, has been spent working on the house, caring for relatives, planning marketing strategies, taming various social media platforms and watching the entire 4 seasons of Battlestar Galactica (the 2000’s version).

But procrastination is over and I truly am getting back to the studio. I have entered the RA summer show again, albeit with a Riso print this time rather than an actual painting. See the image below for a sneak-peak sneak peak. Harking back to my days as a screenprinter no doubt.

MONUMENT risograph by Michael Statham

My tech skills have come into play too. My website has had a mighty overhaul and is not fit for purpose. 

All new work will now be posted here and will be available to buy via my Etsy store. I decided house Etsy rather than host my own shop simply because it is easier to do so. All payments and security issues are dealt with by Etsy and all I have to do is post the work to customers. Assuming that I get any. 

Here’s hoping.

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