A while ago I posted that, despite having a 32GB iPhone full of tracks, I hardly ever listen to music any more. And this still hold true. At least for the moment.

Last week the day job announced that overtime was on the cards and being the money grabbing skin flint that I am, I jumped at the chance. There wont be many other folks in the office which means a bit of peace and quiet for a change. While this atmosphere is conducive to a steady productivity it also means that I can just plug in and tune out.

My mp3 of choice is usually a podcast of some sort. Usually one of these:

The arts show with Claudia Winkleman
Design Maters with Debbie Millman
Escape From Illustration Island
The Moth podcast
Indie Spinner rack
Comic Geek Speak
Word Balloon
Material World

And I’m usually behind on these so there is plenty of podcasts backed up for me to get my teeth into. But as the overtime is to last for at least three months I’m going to utilise this time to rediscover the musical delights currently gathering digital dust on my iPhone.

This will be interesting. Will old favourites surface or will I be inspired to seek out new tracks? Who knows? What I do know is that it will be an adventure. And I’m going to share that adventure here.

Every so often I’ll be posting a mix of eight tracks for your delectation. But I’ll make no apologies for my selections. They might be old fav’s, guilty pleasures or new found grooves (do they still use the term ‘groove’?). And I’m open to suggestions too. So, if you’re listening to my mix and think that you might have a track or two that might fit my taste, please feel free to let me know.

To start the ball rolling here are some tracks that I revisited this Saturday. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you…

Eight Track : Volume one

Track list:

Everyone Says Hi : David Bowie
Gold Medal : The Donnas
Personal Jesus : Johnny Cash
Five Years Time : Noah and the Whale
Many Ways : Bombay Cycle Club
Annie Lets Not Wait : Guillemots
Ooh La : The Kooks
That’s not my name : Ting Tings

you can download the mix here
(for windows right click and select ‘save target as’ : for Mac click on link or right click and select ‘download linked file’)

(original image via Ryan Khatam)

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