The very nature of the iPhone means that, if you have one, sooner rather than later, it’ll be littered with apps. Admittedly, some of them will be completely useless but on the whole most would probably see service at least once or twice. I’d estimate that iPhone owners only regularly use, probably, 10% of the apps on their iPhone (although I have no evidence to back up this guesstimation). I’m certainly guilty of application overload. And if I say ‘there’s an app for that’ one more time I just might shoot myself.

That being said, I’m always curious to see what other have on their phone’s and I thought that you might like to nosey around mine too. So here is a list of the thirty or so apps that I regularly use. They are pretty random and listed in no particular order and some of them are UK specific but feel free to have a browse, there might be something that you’d like load onto your iPhone and never, ever use again.

1) Tumblr (my blogging life line)
2) Twitter (my social media of choice)
3) Twitteriffic (use as a backup for twitter when it goes down)
4) Instapaper (for when there is no service)
5) The Accidental News Explorer
6) Stanley Chow
7) Google Earth
8) Met Office (UK weather)
9) BBC News
10) BBC Radio
11) Highways Agency (UK traffic news)
12) USA Today
13) National Lottery (UK lottery results)
14) Ikea
15) Museum of Modern Art
16) Creative Review Annual (2010)
17) Book Man PDF reader (used mostly for reading comic books)
18) Adobe Ideas
19) What the Font
20) Adobe Photoshop Express
21) SketchBook MobileX
22) Wallpaper Magazine
23) Nieves Zines (a fanzine publisher)
24) iCurrency Plus (for the odd occasion that I’m out of the country)
25) Flip Time (an awesome retro clock)
26) Datum (a Feltron must have)
27) SkyView (astronomy)
28) Orange Wednesday (UK Movie App/2 for 1 tickets)
29) Awesome Solitaire
30) Lego Ninjago
31) Shoot the Serif (typographic centric shooter)
32) Star Ship (asteroids type game)
33) NodeBeat (ambient sound generator)
34) Picture Show (camera app)
35) 8mm Vintage Camera (vintage video)

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