the studiOH podcast from artist Michael Statham

This is a project that I have been wanting to start for a while.

I love podcasts. They provide me with more entertainment and information than TV these days.  I hardly ever listen to music either and the radio around these parts is abysmal. So I thought that I’d join the podcasting community with a little something new.

The StudiOH! podcast will not be your average interview style format.  I’ve billed this podcast as being:

“essays, observations, stories and therapy sessions from an emerging artist”

So, it’ll be a little more personal than most, that’s the plan anyway.

Watch this space and follow my Instagram account here for more updates.

The first two episodes or online now. Season 1 episode 1: The start of something and Season 1 episode 2: Luck is what you make it.

Available on all podcast apps now.


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