Let me introduce you to Glaucus Atlanticus.

At first glance you might be forgiven for thinking that Glaucus is a creature created for the sequel to 2009’s CGI-fest, Avatar. But this is not the product of some hi-end CPU and cleaver coding. Rather, Glaucus is the result of millions of years of evolution.

This little creature, it only grows to a maximum of 3cm’s, is actually an hermaphrodite sea slug which spends most of it’s life floating upside down on the sea’s surface waiting for some unsuspecting jellyfish to pass by. Arter then attaching itself Glaucus will casually devour its host. It will even tackle the highly poisonous Portuguese Man-O’-War, swallowing it’s victims poison and recycling it as it’s own defence system. And when things get tough it isn’t averse to a little cannibalism, just until something better comes along.

So thank you James Cameron and crew but we do not need you to dream up creatures like the small and beautiful yet deadly Glaucus Atlanticus, evolution has already done that for us.

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