I use Instagram although, to be honest, I don’t really have he time to invest another form of social media. And I’d be the first to admit that the photo’s that I do share are probably nothing much to shout about. I don’t follow many folks on Instagram either, but when choosing to do so I try to pick those photographers who exhibit a a little individuality or have a more unique style to the ‘photo’s on their feed.

One such person goes by the Instagram handle of DrSmoothDeath. I have no idea who he or she might be and a brief google search indicates that the good Dr. likes to remain anonymous. We can at least surmise though that the Dr’s stomping ground is Portland, Oregon as this is where the automobiles in the ‘photo’s originate.

If you’re an Instagramer and do not already follow DrSmoothDeath then I can highly recommend that you do so.  These images of classic vehicles are a treat to behold.

And there’s the occasional duck picture, which can’t be bad either.

Here’s the DrSmoothDeath Instagram page and here is a brief interview on the Instagram blog.

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