The other day I dug this out from under a pile of digital files. I’d totally forgot that this was on my hard drive which is not surprising as it’s currently creaking under the weight of images that it holds. These are four of my prints, specifically from the Pantheon series, all framed up and ready for hanging. They were part of a group show organised by Greendoor Open studio, and if anyone from Greendoor is reading this (that’s you Anna and Pan) I really, really do intend to get back to the press as soon as I’m able, promise.

But back to the show. After a frantic few days spent getting these framed the pictures were ready and finally hung at the venue. If I do say so myself, and I do, they looked splendid (along with everyone else’s of course). Unfortunately, due to an issue with the proprietor, the show lasted only a couple of weeks. As a result these are still framed up and are now taking up space in my studio.

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