It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Olly Moss work. And extremely jealous of his talent, but that’s another story. Earlier I posted the video of his show at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles, a link to Olly Moss’ tumblr blog and now I’ve found that Gallery 1988 have set up a blogger hosted blog dedicated to showcasing the entirety of the show.

And I’ve spent a considerable while sifting through these images, each of which are little pieces of artistic genius; each a unique take on a specific pop culture icon, with out duplication. Except…

Technically not a duplication as these are distinctly different characters. Han Solo, Indiana Jones and Rick Deckard are iconic characters in their own right but here they are linked by one constant.

Hands up those that have spotted the connection. You, yes you at the back…that’s correct, Harrison Ford brought each of these characters to life.

It’s a totally geeky thing, Star WarsRaiders of the Lost Ark and Blade Runner being high on my list of all time great movies. And I love that he pops up three times. Each unconnected with the other yet those profiles unmistakably Mr. Ford.

And unmistakably Mr. Olly Moss.

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