I’ve raided my iTunes library once again to bring you the latest volume of Eight Track, which as regular visitors will know is an attempt to foist my dubois musical taste onto the unsuspecting Tumblr/blogging community. Sorry about that.

Track list:

Home : Zero 7
20th Century Boy : Placebo
Dream Catch Me : Newton Faulkner
Always A Woman : Billy Joel
Toy : Dizzy Gillespy and Cannonball Adderly
Casimir Pulaski Day : Sufjan Stevens
Into The Fire : Thirteen Senses
Fire With Fire : Scissor Sisters

and you can download the mix here.

You can find Eight Track Vol. 1 here and Eight Track Vol. 2 here.

(for windows right click and select ‘save target as’ : for Mac click on link or right click and select ‘download linked file’)

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