I owned motorcycle for a few years. Some would say that this was a reaction to my mid life crisis. I’d stick to my story that it was purely for transport purposes. Either way, I have a thing for motorcycles (something which I’d like to blame on my brother). And although I neither ride, or even own one these days, I can still dream. Right?

Anyhow, I came across this which made me a very happy man, if only for a few minutes at any rate (and yes, I’m probably that shallow). Few bikers would deny the allure of owning a Triumph motorcycle but this prospect just makes that so much sweeter. Triumph offer a customisation service for their entire range of splendid vehicles. Pick a basic model, go through the options and come out with something that could be unique to you.

The picture above is my creation. Based on a phantom black Triumph Bonneville SE and costing a meager £8059.00. Anyone care to make a donation?

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