Michael Statham who?

Just so you know:

I’m older than I’d care to mention but younger than the cosmos.
I’m married to a fabulous lady.
I’m butler to two cats, Cooper and Willow.

Oh, and I paint a bit.

I like to think that my work captures the spirit of any particular landscape rather than reproducing it verbatim. That’s what photography is for, right? Don’t get me wrong, I have a high regard for photography and as well as referencing the landscape directly, often I do indeed use photos as a starting point for my paintings.

I also like to think that my painting style has a deceptively simple appearance to it; that the simple shapes and lines I make build an impression of a landscape that may exist only in the periphery of vision, or in the recesses of a memory.

I’ve studied design in many forms and in my previous life as a print maker I’d employ design principles to create images (you can take a peek here if you’d like). Negative space is marvelous thing.

But paint has an equally marvellous quality to it. It’s fluidity and sensual quality can be seductive and captivating. And there is nothing like seeing an original painting.

That all sounds a little bombastic, doesn’t it? Truth is, I love to paint and others seem to love the results. And if they want to put my work on their walls, who am I to complain?

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