A picture of artist Michael Statham as a child

Michael Statham who?

Just so you know:

I’m older than I’d care to mention.
I’m married to a fabulous lady.
I’m butler to two cats, Cooper and Willow.
I’m not related to Jason Statham. 

Oh, and I paint.

I like to think that my work captures the spirit of any particular landscape rather than reproducing it verbatim. The process itself often involves referencing the landscape directly or using photography as a starting point for a painting. Often a painting is created using a combination of both of these.

I try to capture a feeling of spontaneity in the work by the application of intuitive mark making which gives my painting style a deceptively simple appearance; the simple shapes and lines I make build an impression of a landscape that may exist only on the edges of vision, or in the recesses of a memory.

Over the years I have studied design in many forms and in my previous life as a print maker I’d employ design principles to create images (you can take a peek here if you’d like). And creating a painting is not dissimilar to designing. You still have to consider the subject as a whole and employ similar principles based on form, colour and balance. 

Yet despite all of this implied discipline, paint has an inherent unpredictability about it, if you allow it to have it’s own way. Oil paint has a sumptuous quality to it. It’s fluidity can be both seductive and captivating. 

There’s nothing like owning an original work of art and being able to see it every day hung on your wall or displayed on a shelf. Much in the same way that nothing compares being able to create one.

That all sounds a little bombastic, doesn’t it? The undeniable truth is, I love to paint. It’s both a passion and a privilege to be able to be creative in this way.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask about my work, please use the contact form here.

artist micheal statham in hong kong

Michael Statham is a contemporary
landscape painter located in
Derbyshire in the UK

Landscape in oil paint on board by artist Michael Statham
Landscape in oil paint on board by artist Michael Statham

all images and content copyright michael statham 2018

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